Reducing the risk of osteoporosis

bone health

It is now well established that the hormone oestrogen helps to maintain healthy bones. Osteoporosis (fragile bones that break relatively easily e.g. after a simple fall) is a significant complication after the menopause and affects a large number of women. This is because bone loss becomes more rapid following the menopause due to decreasing oestrogen levels.

The average age of menopause is around 50 so if you fall into this age group it is important to be aware of osteoporosis and to look at ways of reducing your risk for this condition. Past this age a broken bone or fracture becomes more significant and is more likely to be a sign of bone fragility and osteoporosis.  If the above applies to you it is time for you to consider all your risk factors.  The professionals at Aevum Wellness can help you complete a free 1 minute IOF risk assessment questionnaire. A complete Bone Health assessment which includes ultrasound bone-screening, and looks at nutritional and lifestyle factors, is also available which can  help with decisions about whether or not you should be taking more supplementation, adding bone-strengthening specific exercise to your weekly regimen,  or seeking further medical advice.

Posted on: July 9, 2016