Elvie recognised as one of 20 global companies developing innovations to meet the needs of women ages 40+

News provided by WisePause Lifestyle  LOS ANGELES, June 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — WisePause (www.wisepause.com), a pro-aging wellness and education platform, today released two new research reports: FemAging 2020 and FemAging in the COVID-19 Era. This research sheds important light on the most critical current and future health, wellness, technology and innovation needs of women ages 40 to 65. In FemAging 2020, WisePause introduces a new […]

Mind over bladder

In celebration of World Continence Week we’re stripping incontinence issues down to the basics and revealing what it really is that causes those little leaks (if you know, you know), and what you can do to prevent them. The basics on urinary incontinence. The first thing to note, is that urinary incontinence (involuntarily urinating a […]

Bladder control basics and incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common issue involving the involuntary loss of bladder control, resulting in urinary leakage. This may include small leaks when you run, jump, cough or sneeze, as well as larger unexpected leaks that can happen when the urge to urinate is so sudden and strong that you are unable to reach a […]

Efficacy of elvie trainer – Secondary Research

There is a wealth of existing literature that supports the effectiveness of Elvie Trainer, as a biofeedback device to enhance technique, compliance and outcomes with pelvic floor muscle training. The prevalence of pelvic floor dysfunction is well evidenced: • 37% of women have at least one type of pelvic floor dysfunction[1] • Up to 70% […]

Elvie Trainer, the award-winning Kegel exercise tracker

  Meet Elvie Trainer, the award-winning Kegel exercise tracker The award-winning Kegel trainer loved by mothers, celebrities, and health professionals worldwide. Why pelvic floor exercise matters The pelvic floor is a powerful little set of muscles that sits like a hammock between your tailbone and pubic bone. Without regular exercise, they are likely to cause […]

What you need to know about exercise during menopause

With peri-menopause comes lower levels of oestrogen, and with that women lose the protective benefits oestrogen provides to our hearts, our bones, and our brains. So although weight gain is one concern at this stage of life that might drive women to feel the need to exercise, the other health benefits are less visible yet […]

Reducing the risk of osteoporosis

It is now well established that the hormone oestrogen helps to maintain healthy bones. Osteoporosis (fragile bones that break relatively easily e.g. after a simple fall) is a significant complication after the menopause and affects a large number of women. This is because bone loss becomes more rapid following the menopause due to decreasing oestrogen […]

How much sleep is enough?

At midlife some women find themselves needing more sleep than ever, while others some suffer from sleeplessness. Peri-menopausal women often need more sleep than men of the same age. Sleep restores mental and physical energy. During sleep growth hormone is produced in the body which helps to restore and repair all the cells in the body. Insufficient […]

Hormonal havoc at perimenopause

Perimenopause refers to the time when a woman transitions from fertility to menopause, a period that could last 10 or 15 years, and generally starts in the late thirties. Some women experience a relatively smooth transition, whereas others suffer immensely from mood swings, brain fog, decreased libido, hot flashes, weight gain, loss of vitality and […]

Midlife transformation

Menopause is an exciting time of  change, of transformation and healing, and affects not only our bodies but also our minds and spirits at the deepest level. There is much more to this midlife transformation than hormonal change, skipping periods, and hot flashes. Our nervous systems are being rewired and our brains are changing, and […]